About Verge

Verge connects founders, developers, and investors with resources and tools to grow their startups.

“Presenters get all of five minutes to cover their value prop, the size of their potential market, any unique technology they’ve developed, and the quality of their management team.”¬†forbes_logo

If you’re looking for talent and passion, you’ve come to the right place.

Verge is a community of tech entrepreneurs, software developers, and business investors who are making things happen in Indiana. Each meetup hosts three fast-paced business pitches from technology business founders. In the last year, Verge has grown from a rag-tag team of entrepreneurs and developers to more than 2,500 active members, and there aren’t any plans to slow things down.

Verge is a stage to showcase the startups that are on the brink of something big.¬†Entrepreneurs, software developers, and startup investors flock to Verge startup events to catch a glimpse of what’s hot in Midwest startups. When you get to the belly of a Verge event, anyone with an ounce of entrepreneurial spirit can feed off the ideas and energy that drive our thriving startup scene. The talent and interest in software startups is here. Verge simply provides the platform that brings people out from behind their computer monitors to collaborate face-to-face.

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