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Terre Haute is on the verge. Many people don’t put the words Terre Haute Startups together, but we do. This city is known as the gateway to Illinois, and is pushing funding into new businesses, especially those related to rural health as well as agriculture. Terre Haute is the home to Rose-Hulman, one of the top ranked engineering colleges in the nation (which has nearly a 100% career placement rate by graduation).

There are hundreds of people kicking off the new Terre Haute technology industry with local events and startup weekends. New plans for a rural health business incubator get funding boosts from big names like Duke Energy. There’s even a new AgriBusiness incubator in Terre Haute that is the first of it’s kind.

It’s the perfect time to join into the community that is gaining traction locally and across the state. The Terre Haute community is excited about the grants and funding they have been receiving already, and look forward to watching the industry grow.

David Dubree

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