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Indianapolis is on the Verge. If there is one word to describe the Indianapolis startup scene it would be “opportunity”. The people in this community have a confidence that if you bring small Indy businesses together, something amazing can happen. There are co-working spaces that everyone in the startup scene knows about…like The Speak Easy and Launch Fishers. This allows people with ideas to collaborate, work, and gain traction locally before pushing products out nationally. Getting investments here isn’t easy, which makes them all the more worthwhile…pushing entrepreneurs to reach their utmost potential.

Let’s be honest, Hollywood often paints Midwestern cities like Indy as a vast land of cornfields… but those who call themselves Hoosiers would beg to differ. Not only are some of the largest companies household names like Eli Lilly and Finish Line, Inc., Indianapolis technology startups are booming.

Hoosiers work hard, but are especially known for their helpful and kind mentality—which makes Indy a great place to share ideas, receive advice, and achieve success.

Erika Kotterer

Erika is the Community and Operations Manager for Verge. She is the director in Indianapolis but also provides support to all other directors in other cities. She is passionate about technology, community, dogs, and a good book.

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