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Cincinnati is on the verge. National media like Entrepreneur magazine and CNN Money are taking notice of Cincinnati startup activity. The city has grown a vibrant startup ecosystem over the past decade, as venture capital funds like CincyTech have invested in dozens of startups, and other startup resources have fostered entrepreneurial growth. The Over-the-Rhine neighborhood went from vacant to edgy to populated by young Cincinnati startups and accelerators like The Brandery, which is one of the nation’s top 10 accelerators.

Cintrifuse created a 57-million-dollar fund of funds to invest in Cincy startups. Their organization believes in collaboration rather than competition, which is a common plus to midwestern business economies.

Downtown Cincinnati is known for its high quality of life and it’s low cost of living, making it an ideal place for creatives and entrepreneurs. People describe this city with the word perseverance, proving that pushing through hard times can provide vast economic results.

Erika Kotterer

Erika is the Community and Operations Manager for Verge. She is the director in Indianapolis but also provides support to all other directors in other cities. She is passionate about technology, community, dogs, and a good book.

Cincinnati Startups

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