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Chicago is on the verge. In 2012, a new startup company launched every 24 hours in Chicago. Needless to say, the chi-town startup scene is one to brag about. Co-working space 1871 is said to have had the first major collaborative area for Chicago entrepreneurs. They share ideas, receive advice, and have round-the-clock access to office space.

Since then, many co-working spaces and incubators have become a place where those in Chicago who believe there idea is the next big thing can work. People working in Chicago say it has all the values of an international city, with a lower cost of living than on the coasts.

As you could probably guess, Chicago has many events for hungry businessmen itching to get the word out about their projects. Places like Startup Bootcamp have Data Pitch Day and if you look up events on the Built in Chicago page, there’s nearly one every single day. Chicago is certainly an up and coming hub for innovation.

Erika Kotterer

Erika is the Community and Operations Manager for Verge. She is the director in Indianapolis but also provides support to all other directors in other cities. She is passionate about technology, community, dogs, and a good book.

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