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Bloomington is on the Verge. Named Indiana’s top community of the year in 2014, the Bloomington technology scene is quickly emerging. So much so that Bloomington was named #2 in the nation among 124 small metros for high-tech employment. With a low cost of living and an 80% tech sector employment growth rate, Bloomington small businesses have it all.

Indiana University, located in the rolling hills of south central Indiana, is not only beautiful but is also vibrant in culture and spirit. U.S. News & World Report and Fortune ranked IU’s entrepreneurship program #1 compared to hundreds around the world. The Bloomington startup community has co-working spaces like Coworker B-Town and SYO (Share Your Office) that build excitement among those who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Starting a business is hard, but many people from Bloomington have found success. Famous businessman and technology investor Mark Cuban went to school at IU, and that’s an alumnus to boast about. There are even local accelerators like RunUp Labs and SproutBox that have proven to grow ideas into thriving businesses.

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