Verge is Open For Service and So Is Indiana

“You might not have heard about it, but Indiana’s killing it in software and tech. We’re growing like crazy.”

That’s what I said this morning at my out-of-state coffee meeting. This is the same level of enthusiasm with which I share our tech growth story every time I tell it. Whether I’m in Silicon Valley, DC, or Kansas City—I always deliver our Hoosier story with confidence and conviction.

And the story is usually met with intrigue and excitement. But this morning was different.

“We’re growing like crazy,” I said.

“Well… until now,” the guy on the other side of the table replied. His words slapped me across the face. My blood pressure started to raise and my first reaction was to tell him he was wrong. But part of me felt like I deserved it.

The past several days have been difficult for people living in Indiana. The Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has generated a violent storm of negative attention for the state we call home. The new law communicates a set of values that my community and I just don’t support.

“But I didn’t do this,” I thought to myself. “I didn’t write the damn bill. And I sure as hell didn’t vote for it.”

But I still feel responsible. I’m proud of how my friends, mentors, and fellow founders from Verge nation have spoken out and taken action regarding RFRA.

The best parts of Indiana were built on the values of inclusion, openness, and service. That’s why Verge supports an #OpenIndiana and will always be #OpenForService.


We’re going to stay focused on building the kind of state we want to live in. And what we want is to keep Indiana open—open to new ideas, people, perspectives, and business. My hope is that our government will take action and I’m encouraged to see that it appears they’re taking this matter seriously.

I’m hopeful that new legislation is proposed and implemented quickly to fix these RFRA and perception issues. In the meantime, let’s continue to celebrate the diversity of our community.

I know you’ll join me in sharing the stories of the people from our #OpenIndiana that are—and always have been—#OpenForService. The Indiana I know cares. The Indiana I know is open and growing.

So, how did I respond to my friend this morning at coffee?

I took a breath, looked him in the eye and said, “Just wait. You’ll see.”

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  • Well said, Matt! #OpenForService

  • Marc Cadden

    Reading this bill and viewing the governor’s lame backpedaling, convinces me this bill has no open agenda or open mission, no real enforcement, no positive outcome, and only is a disservice to the people, the businesses, and the customers of all of Indiana. I hope this gets repealed so fast, it makes my head spin !

  • The editorial/article in the IndyStar was okay, but here’s something which TPTB would probably prefer all of the state’s media providers to promote this. This is from, which was running in tandem with Newsweek when it stopped publishing hardcopy, and it was virtual-Newsweek until the presses started running again.

    If someone can top this one, I’d like to see it.

    Pence is obviously capable of being poker-faced. Either he was hiding remorse for getting caught or anger for being led astray – which would have been possible if he hadn’t thoroughly read it before he signed it – see: Radar getting Henry to sign forms without reading them).

    I can understand (but not agree with) why they did it, but what I resent is the fact they believe we were too dumb to understand what’s going on… as though they believe they are given some extra IQ points because people voted for them. To tweak Jessica from Who Framed Roger Rabbit: “I’m not stupid, I’m just drawn that way.”

  • Matt Hall

    I have a NP and a For Profit that supports the NP. Which one should I try to pitch? Which is the group going to be more receptive to?