[Startup Pitch] In a Google-Dominated Market, Can Adproval Shake Things Up?

Online advertising is a vast and growing market, with +23% growth last year to over $37 billion spent on digital advertising in the US alone. In one of the world’s largest marketplaces, you can imagine how hard it is for online advertisers and publishers to make the kind of meaningful connections that can take them beyond display advertising into earned media placements, featured blog posts, and more–especially at scale.

Adproval connects high-influence publishers with online advertisers to save them both time and make more valuable advertising relationships. Their platform, the Adproval ad store, lets publishers set up a shopping cart showcasing all of the areas of influence they offer and advertising packages to match. Advertisers simply select the influence package they want and it’s done–no more email back-and-forths or disorganized negotiations. With Adproval, it’s easy for publishers to endorse brands beyond display ads. Here’s their pitch:

The Adproval marketplace allows both parties to connect in the way they want to, not the way the marketplace has demanded they must. In less than 20 minutes, publishers can have their Adproval shopping cart configured and start selling their influence more effectively to advertisers online.

[Read my interview with Adproval founder Matthew Anderson to learn more about Adproval’s bootstrapped path to traction]

They’ve been in public beta for 5 months, and in the last two months, Adproval has seen their customer base climb to over 300. The Adproval team is raising a small round of capital to help them keep their foot on the accelerator. Reach out to them here.

Matthew’s pitch was both edifying and entertaining, and very much in line with the authentic, playful brand that has been built around Adproval. I look forward to seeing their next steps.

Have feedback or questions about Adproval’s pitch? Submit through the comments and we’ll connect you with Matthew.

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  • Some great pain points being solved here for both advertiser and blogger. I love multi-sided platforms because once you solve the “chicken and egg” dilemma, they can scale fast with great valuations. The other thing I look for in a start-up is a “sharp tip” that can easily be understood and purchased to allow it to penetrate the market and it looks like they have it. My guess is that Adproval (great name) will quickly grow in this space and then leverage that momentum and their multi-side value into other solutions/opportunities. Can’t have that occur without the sharp tip first. Biggest hurdle will be balancing getting revenue and customer count up from bloggers for just the technology solution while working towards bringing the real value of ready to pay advertisers into the mix. Seems like one side of the “chicken and egg” issue is being solved and that is how you have to start. think with traction Matthew has shown and the percentage he is willing to give up for the $100K presents a great investment opportunity. Another example of Marketing Tech prowess in Indy. Great pitch and good luck.

    • Many thanks for the feedback, Scott. It will be fun to see how the growth on the self-service technology side of our service that we provide bloggers will continue to grow the advertiser side of our service. So far, the pre-existing relationships with advertisers that bloggers are leveraging with our technology appears to be a great solution to the “chicken and egg” dilemma that most marketplaces face. We’re certainly excited to explore other avenues to speed up user acquisition on both sides, though. Thanks again!

  • I agree with Scott, I think we have a winner here with Adproval. A real market need, a great guy, great idea and great execution. Don’t see that kind of alignment very often.

    • Awesome – thanks, Jeb. Looking forward to stepping on the gas with Adproval and to your continued feedback!