Startup Pitch

Want to give your startup pitch at a Verge event?

Join dozens of other founders who took the stage to get feedback on their software startup.

To get a taste, watch the video example below:

Here are the presenter guidelines you need to know:

Format: If a slide deck is used, presentations are to be uploaded in both PPT and PDF format using the uploader below.

Length: Each presenter will have just 5 minutes to pitch, which should include at least one minute to cover the unique technology used in this startup. We recommend that presenters run through their presentation at least once or twice prior to pitching to make sure they have the timing down, as they’ll be cut off right at 5 minutes.

Caveat: No live demos of software allowed — trust us, it’s for your own good :) If you would like to demo something, please create a video (no longer than 45 seconds), and upload with your presentation. This counts as part of the 5 minutes.

After the presentation, you, or a co-presenter, should be able to answer both technical and business questions in a rapid-fire Q&A following the pitch.

If you really want to knock it out of the park, read and apply the advice to your pitch.

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